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Spidercat Story

This gritty blues and rock band from Fort Collins serves as a springboard for the songs of award-winning songwriter, Mike Finders (guitar and vocals).  While Mike has been busy with his touring bluegrass band, FY5 for the last decade-plus, his electric guitar chops have only seasoned through the years, and now with Spidercat, many of his new and old blues songs have found a new platform.

This focus on the material has allowed the band to form a sound within the pocket of Chicago blues, British early rock, and 70’s groove music.  Their own songs now pulse to these same classic rhythms, while dashing in some of the honesty and emotionality of contemporary folk and Americana music.

With Taylor Tesler on bass, Larry Bridges on drums and Brian Keller on keyboards, the band's rhythm section is tight.  The improvisational interplay between the band feels spontaneous, and allows the arrangements to breathe, yet the sound tightens up for the hooks and turnarounds.  Local blues and groove-dancing enthusiasts discovered a new favorite band as the band played a steady run of shows at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins during the Spring of 2021.

A night with Spidercat will move your feet, your hips and your mind, allowing you to relax into some of your favorite music, while making space in your world for new hooks, new songs and snazzy performances.

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